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Mission Statement

The Center's mission is to promote the highest standards of geriatric care in the nation for the benefit of the citizens of Texas using advances in technology, research, and education.

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Our Center Videos


Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Introduction 

Our Educational Series

Phase 1:

Anti-psychotic Drug Reduction Issues

In this series of modules, a thorough review of anti-psychotic medications, their use and misuse are covered for physicians, nurse practitioners, directors of nursing, administrators, nurses and nurses’ aids. No one is left out of this very important topic.

Phase 2:

Advanced Geriatric Practice

In this series, the learner experienced in geriatric care is challenged to take on a higher level of skills and knowledge through courses designed to improve outcomes in and outside of the nursing homes of Texas.

Phase 3:

Transition to Practice

In this series we offer an array of educational activities for the new nurse needing support and guidance as she moves into long term care and geriatric practice. This series of modules will also be useful to the nurse who wants to move into gerontology from another practice setting.

Phase 4:

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

In this series of modules healthcare providers learn about the challenges that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities face while aging and in long-term care.

Phase 5:

Infection Control and Prevention

In this series healthcare providers and lay providers will gain knowledge of the issue of infections and resistance in long-term care communities.

Phase 6:

Social Determinants of Health with Age

In this series health care providers and lay providers process the meanings of social determinants of health and residents and citizens of Texas offer ways on how they may improve health outcomes for ALL Texans.

Phase 7:

Mental Health Issues

Long-Term Care Lectures

Gerontological News & Events

This week's Morbidity and Mortality Report from the CDC was on the topic of Prevention and Control of Seasonal Influenza with Vaccines. The report
Dr. Tracie Harrison, director for the Center in Aging Services and Long Term Care at the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing,
Longevity is what the three winners of the Nursing at Its Best Award all have in common. The Center for Excellence in Aging Services