Aging and the Cardiovascular System

Friday October 23, 2020 at 12pm CST

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Have an interactive discussion of aging and the cardiovascular system with a practicing cardiologist and researcher of age related change!! 


It is the pleasure of our CEASLTC to introduce to you Dr. Philip Houck. His work on the aging of the cardiovascular system are theorized in the context of biologic age, a shortening of overall survival. Dr. Houck believes that all comorbidities further shorten our survival and cardiac performance parameters may create problems, consequences, and/or solutions for further research.


Dr. Houck, as a practicing cardiologist, will do a short presentation of his paper on biologic aging and the cardiovascular system. Houck states we should be talking to our patients about “years likely to survive” or “biologic age”. Followed up by a discussion of how many years a person might gain if comorbidities are controlled?


What do you think? Tune in and let us know.




Philip D. Houck, MD, MSc, FACP, FACC
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Texas A&M Health Sciences Center

Dr. Houck is an aged Cardiologist Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Texas A&M University currently working at Baylor Scott & White Health.  He is a retired Air Force Lt Col, and started his academic career at Penn State University in Engineering Science and later received a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern.  He liked Chicago so much he attended Northwestern University Medical School now the Feinberg School of Medicine.  His research interests include weather and myocardial infarction, increasing circulating stem cells, electrical remodeling of the heart, and understanding lymphatic function to improve heart failure therapies.  Dr. Houck’s career goal is to establish a theoretical scientific foundation for medicine and biology by proposing fundamental laws of biology and a model of health and disease.  These guiding principles can answer difficult questions such as why women out live men? Why is there a young female advantage? Why diabetes II is a disease of modern invention?  Why do we age?  Dr. Houck’s passion is to serve as an example, and mentor for students, residents, and fellows helping them to mature into clinicians.  Success is achieved when these young doctors  question what they have been taught.

Read Dr. Houck's paper here.