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Aging and the Cardiovascular System

Friday, October 23, 2020 • 12:00 PM CT via Zoom

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Have an interactive discussion of aging and the cardiovascular system with a practicing cardiologist and researcher of age related change!

It is the pleasure of our CEASLTC to introduce to you Dr. Philip Houck. His work on the aging of the cardiovascular system are theorized in the context of biologic age, a shortening of overall survival. Dr. Houck believes that all comorbidities further shorten our survival and cardiac performance parameters may create problems, consequences, and/or solutions for further research.

Dr. Houck, as a practicing cardiologist, will do a short presentation of his paper on biologic aging and the cardiovascular system. Houck states we should be talking to our patients about “years likely to survive” or “biologic age”. Followed up by a discussion of how many years a person might gain if comorbidities are controlled?

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